LVT Series

Tandem MICR Personalisation System

The Inotech LVT-L Series Tandem MICR Personalisation System provides a complete solution for the MICR encoding and text personalisation of continuous forms cheques, using the combination of well-proven impact and non-impact technologies.

Variable fonts, logos and barcodes are first printed on the continuous forms laser printer and then passed into the Inotech IE Micr encoder for the corresponding MICR code line to be printed under the control of Windows-based Pres Software.

The system can fully personalise more than 5000×3 inch cheques per hour on single ply sprocketed continuous forms and is ideal for lower volume applications.

For applications that require multi-part sets to be both MICR encoded and fully personalised, Inotech LVT-I tandem solution based upon the Inotech IMP MICR printer connected to an impact text printer.

Paper Type Continuous Sprocket Fed:

IMP MICR Printer: 80 to 180gsm
Laser Printer: 64 to 155gsm
Reel or fanfold input can be accepted.

Throughput 5,500 x 3 inch single documents per hour printed single wide in tandem mode, printing a MICR codeline and variable text on each cheque.
Print Width IMP MICR Printer: 6 in / 48 columns or E13B or CMC7
Laser Printer: 16 in
Paper Width IMP MICR Printer: 20 in
Laser Printer: 17 in
Laser Printer Resolution 300 x 300 dpi
Dimensions IMP MICR Printer: 760 x 440 x 440 mm

Laser Printer: 890 x 350 x 780 mm

Weights IMP MICR Printer: 65 kg
Laser Printer: 112 kg
Power Consumption Total System: 220 Volts, 12 amps, single phase
Environmental Temperature 60 to 80 deg F. Humidity 25% to 70%


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