IE Series

Continuous MICR Encoder

The IE Series MICR/OCR continuous printers are designed for heavy usage for the encoding of MICR codelines or OCR text on continuous stationery where the quality of the printed image is essential.

The IE series MICR/OCR continuous printers are available with PC-based controllers with versatile software to handle many encoding and numbering applications and also two printers can be linked together to provide a full personalisation system.

A variety of options are available for the IE Series MICR/OCR continuous printers including powered stacker, split ribbon mandrel, anti- static kit and twin tractor feed system making the IE series one of the most versatile encoders available.


IE Series Specifications

Paper Type Continuous sprocket fed 80 to 180gsm*
Throughput 40,00 single documents per hour, printed 2 across.

(1 line on a 3 inch document with standard E13B drum)

Print Width IE120 120 columns @ 8 c.p.i (15 in)

IE144 144 columns @ 8 c.p.i (18 in)

IE136 136 columns @ 10 c.p.i (13.6 in)

IE176 176 columns @ 10 c.p.i (17.6 in)

Paper Width 23 inches edge to edge
Horizontal Pitch 8 c.p.i or 10 c.p.i dependent on model
Vertical Pitch 6 or 8 lines per inch
Interface Dataproducts parallel, centronics (optional)
Print Drums E13B, E13B + Arabic numbers, CMC7 OCR, Custom Drum (contact supplier)
Features Multi forms (chequreboard drum)*
Electronic DAFU
Dataproducts CP300/440/SD etc code compatability
In build diagnostics
LCD Display
Options Barcode input
Anti static kit
Narrow ribbon mandrel/split ribbon mandrel
Power paper stacker
Offline encoding software
Twin web paper path
Height 49 inches
Width 32 inches
Depth 34 inches
Power Requirement 240volts, 13Amps, Single Phase
Environment Temperature 60 to 80 deg F
Humidity 25% to 70%

All specifications are preliminary and subject to change.

*Use of multipart forms is subject to qualification

A dedicated clean line mains supply is required for the above system.

An uninterpretable power supply is required for installations where the continuity of the mains supply cannot be guaranteed.